What do you expect from your motorcycle guide on a foreign tour?

Here in the Salamanca region I know the territory as well as my own back yard. This is also true of the routes to and from both of the major ports in northern Spain. I have an excellent working knowledge of routes throughout mainland Spain. I don’t need, nor use, SatNav. I speak both English … Read More

This is how easy, open and flexible we are!

BASICS – THIS  IS  HOW  EASY,  OPEN  AND  FLEXIBLE  IT  IS In the words of Mark and Janet (Club Members), who toured with us in November last year: “Although it is a motorcycle tour, we came away thinking we’d been visiting friends”. These tours are ALL ABOUT YOU, the tourer. Between May and November, we are … Read More

Motorcycle clubs already registered for the Tour Offer

Motorcycle clubs already registered for the Tour Offer Read about our great Tour Offers for Motorcycles clubs here The AJS and Matchless Owners Club Lymington Motorcycle & Light Car Club Ltd Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club Suzuki Owners Club – SOC.  Motorcycle Action Group ace-cafe-london.com Honda Owners Club (GB) España en moto

Sunshine Touring

This is something that has been mentioned several times when we’ve discussed dates that I thought I’d write a few words about. Some people have said things like:  “Well, I’m not going to go in August am I? I’ll fry! I might be many things but I’m not a masochist!” The idea that the whole … Read More

Why do a motorcycle tour from a single centre?

We’re not going to argue the point but a tour is an extended journey (dictionary definition). If you go to the post office everyday and one day decide to go to another town, that’s a tour. A multi-stop, long distance European motorcycle journey is one type and daily journeys from a single point is another … Read More


TOURING WITH SIERRA ALMA – WHAT’S  IT  ALL  ABOUT  THEN? We are aware that this is not only a region of Spain that might be unfamiliar to you but from the enquiries we’ve had it looks like it’s also a completely new concept in motorcycle touring. We’ll try and make this as easy to understand as … Read More


If you’re thinking that a single centre motorcycle tour based in Salamanca will mean you’ll be constantly battling the traffic as you might in the UK, you’d be wrong.   I’m a country boy at heart and I’ve lived in Salamanca for four years with my Spanish girlfriend, Belén. These are some of the reasons … Read More


That’s grrr8 news! European touring is really good fun. You could go on your own, although it could be a bit lonely, or you could go with some friends. You could go with a bike touring Co. or business – that way you could make some new friends while you’re over there. Touring in the … Read More

Chris The Free Lance Touring Travel Writer

Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring was visited by a freelance journalist   Very recently Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring was visited by a freelance journalist who came to experience one of our single centre tours here in Salamanca. Chris was originally due to spend just 3 days with us but he enjoyed it so much he stayed for a week. You’ll be … Read More


Motorcycle Touring In Salamanca – Central Spain Motorcycle Clubs Spanish Tour Offer 2016 A minimum choice of 13 different departure dates throughout the summer May 1st – Mid October 10 days touring in Spain. Huge choice of accommodation and B&B DIiscounted Ferry package UP TO 20% DISCOUNT ON SIERRA ALMA CHARGES Option to pay a portion in Euros. Option … Read More