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Updates and FAQs


A good website however informative and colourful will seldom give you the whole story or answer all your questions. It will often promote assumptions and misunderstandings and this page is devoted to laying to rest as many of those as possible.


IMG_0852Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring is essentially a guide business. Over several years of extensive exploration, learning Spanish and gathering information from the local people, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge of southern Castilla y León and northern Extremadura in central Spain. The heart of the region is Salamanca city.
Google is not half as clever as we all think. No amount of internet searches will give you the information we at Sierra Alma have to share.

If you prefer touring alone or in small groups we feel it’s important to point out that Sierra Alma is as happy to guide for one bike as for several. Furthermore if you find yourself in Salamanca on the off chance just get in touch using the numbers below. Flexibility and a relaxed atmosphere are the key points.
Salamanca is approx. 3 hours drive from Santander port (the quick way). You can make your own way here or we can meet you at the port. You can do a one day ride out with us or you can stay for as long as you wish. *The single centre tours are open to everyone and anyone at any time of year, although from December to March many places in the mountains can be inaccessible through snow.



We offer Bed & Breakfast (continental) exclusively to those who book to tour with us.

For those of you who prefer a hotel environment we can offer good advice on the hotels which best suit your preferences in Salamanca and the surrounding provinces. We recommend for reservations as even the hotels themselves say that you cannot get better value for money.

Ferry Passage

We have arranged a deal with the ferry company whereby you are offered a large discount if you book a minimum 7 day tour with Sierra Alma Touring.

All bookings for the ferry and accommodation are subject to availability whereas Sierra Alma is constantly available!


The rides out are entirely your choice. We only travel to where you want to go. You tell us what you want to do and see and where you would like to go. If you’re happy riding fantastic roads and eating good food – that’s what we’ll do! If you want to see or visit specific places – tell us!


For the coming year there are 6 BIG TOURS on offer. 1 each month from May to October inclusive. A quantity of ferry passages have already been booked.

All tour prices are subject to variations as ferry and accommodation costs vary throughout the touring season. When we know which month you wish to tour with us and the number of people coming, we will offer the best price available.

We have calculated an average price using the criteria of 2 people sharing cabins and hotel rooms, an exchange rate of 1.2 (average over last 12 months) and gaining the discounts that we offer.

The BIG TOURS are for 14 days in Spain. Average price per person £1300

Salamanca SINGLE CENTRE tours are for 10 days in Spain. Average price per person £1100

Any other tour you would like to do with us will be treated as bespoke and we will price them for your special requirements.
The prices for those travelling with a pillion will be less on a per person basis.

A deposit of £100 for solo riders and £150 for those with pillions is required. That deposit secures a place on any of our tours at any time and will only become non-refundable after your ferry ticket has been issued.

To get all the information you require contact Hugh via the contact form on the Ask us page, telephone the office No or send a text to 07831 781 561

We can also put you in touch with one of our 6 tour organisers who are putting together touring groups.

Passing Through

If you find your own way to Salamanca, or if you are passing through to somewhere else and want to spend a little time with us here we will charge you per day in Euros.

Prices will vary depending on where you wish to go, quantity of people etc and this service can only be offered if we are available. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Other Services

Our greatest knowledge lies in the region of south western Castilla y León and northern Extremadura in central Spain. All our guides are well travelled and experienced motorcyclists. We all speak both Spanish and English. We have all ridden extensively throughout Spain and indeed, in many other countries.

For this reason we are also able to offer guide services to anyone who wishes to travel to any destination in mainland Spain that is outside our specialist region. These journeys will predominantly be along routes that do not include motorways. Daily distances would not normally exceed 200 miles.

At Sierra Alma Touring, motorcycles will always take precedence over any other vehicle, however we can also offer touring guide services to those of you with cars. To find out more Ask us

We hope that makes things clear and we look forward to hearing from you – Ask Us or just call 01823910029 or 0034662234725 or 07831781561