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The Big Tour

Updates and FAQs
For 2017 there are 6 guided tours included in our touring program. These have fixed dates and ferry passage is already booked. There is 1 per month from May to October inclusive. Prices start from 82 pounds per person per day – Ferry, Accommodation and Guide* See – Read This (Money) The Big Tours are a mixture of our Single Centre and our Roaming tours, giving you the opportunity to travel baggage free most of the time. For changes you can make to your tour, See – Tour Choices (Bespoke) Our tours cover a large chunk of Central Western Spain taking in such places as Salamanca, Ciudad Rodrigo, Cáceres, Mérida and Badajoz to name a few. Our routes include the long vistas of the plains, the twists and turns of the big mountain passes and the tranquility of the high valley highways. You will be amazed at the lack of traffic, the good weather and the pleasant temperatures throughout the touring season. A motorcyclist’s heaven on earth!
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First Leg

At Bilbao you will be met by our guide. We will ride over the mountains of the Basque Country to our first hotel in Burgos. The following day we take a cross country route to Salamanca through such castle towns as Coca. The return journey, at the end of the tour, will be similar but by a different route.
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Salamanca Touring

From Salamanca we will spend the first 4 days exploring the near mountains and many tiny villages that haven’t changed in 100s of years. The views are jaw dropping and the wildlife is abundant. You can sample the local foods still made by artisans and unique to this part of Spain. The city is lively and entertaining with loads to do in the evenings.
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Roaming in Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha and Andalucia

For 4 days we will roam the ancient lands of the Moors. The Roman sites in Mérida are magnificient. The battle site in Badajoz is worth a visit. We will ride to Guadalupe, Trujillo and Cáceres and see Monfrague National Park, famous for it’s Golden Eagles and vultures. Further north are the natural pools of Gata where you can swim.
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Salamanca & Castilla y León

Another chance to ride the superb biking roads of our region to visit the bike museum in the mountains, the river boat trip on the Duero, the amazing caves south of the mountains, the peaks of Sierra de Peña de Francia, the restaurants in ancient wine cellars. On the last day and a half we return to the port visiting new places in Castilla y León.
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Big Tour Dates 2017

May 10th to 25th
June 7th to 22nd
July 5th to 20th
August 16th to 31st
Sept 6th to 21st
Oct 4th to 19th