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Tours choices in Spain – Whatever you want, whenever you want it.

More choice than you can imagine and the sort of flexibility you want when you’re touring.

We are available to touring motorcyclists for more than 250 days each year. You can tour with us for one day or a few days or a week or many weeks. We offer a large selection of tours to suit everyone. All our tours can be tailored to meet all budgets and time scales. The only thing we can’t do is be in two places at the same time!

What we sell is our knowledge (and our good company!). We have excellent knowledge of the best biking routes in our specialised region which is almost the size of Scotland.

We have a good working knowledge of routes throughout mainland Spain. We speak both English and Spanish and one of us speaks Italian as well. We know the local history and a lot of general Spanish history. We know many places of interest and things to see and do that you might not find on Google. We know many local business people personally and we have friends who are always eager to meet visitors. Spain in general and this region in particular is not one to be missed on your travels. We don’t use motorways.

The tours that we can offer you are The Big Tour and The Single Centre Tour which are described more fully on other pages. We offer Roaming Tours which are confined to the area on the map above but moving to different places each day.

There are Navigator Tours which cover the whole of mainland Spain. The most flexible tours are the Passing-Through Tours which can be incorporated into your own tour as you pass through our region.

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You are welcome to do just part of a Big Tour or Single Centre Tour. In short you are welcome to do just about any tour with us providing it’s in mainland Spain.

“A whole new approach to foreign touring”

On top of that you can tour with us whenever the fancy takes you. As one of our recent customers remarked – “You can’t beat it!”

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Over and above all these tours we can also offer motorcycle guide services anywhere in Spain. We now have a Fly/Ride option as well for those of you who are either not into boating or prefer not to ride long distances in the UK to get to the port.

Pick your bike up 10 minutes from the airport. All you need to do now is make the right decision and call us!

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