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Tours choices in Spain – Whatever you want, whenever you want it.

As you can see we offer fantastic choice and amazing flexibility.

All our tours are available throughout the year* and include guiding from and to the Spanish ports. The area we cover is southern Castilla y León and northern Extremadura. It’s fantastic motorcycling country.

All tours are available on a first come first served basis. However if a single centre tour has already started in Salamanca you can join at any time to suit your plans. The chances of you missing out on one of our tours is remote, however accomodation, ferry places and popular dates can become booked up.

Plan ahead – Talk to us. But before you get in touch, read this

Bespoke Tours

These tours are tailor made to your own special requirements. Any changes to your Big Tour or any other tour you wish to create outside The Big Tour dates will be treated as bespoke.

Bespoke does not mean it costs more. It means that it’s your special tour. It could be for a short duration (which will cost less), it could be for a large group (discounts), it could be for yourself only. It could be to go to special places or it could be to tour anywhere in mainland Spain, which we’re happy to do.

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Single Centre Tours

These tours are based in Salamanca. This allows you to travel baggage free while you are here. The countryside is so close to the city and there are loads of places to visit that you might not normally come across on a short motorcycle tour to Spain.

Salamanca city also has much to offer in the evenings: hundreds of tapas bars, restaurants, open air concerts and of course all the sights that you would expect from such an historic city.

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Roaming Tours

Changing overnight stops more frequently and covering a larger area. Staying within the land we know best we will guide you through a route of your choosing or we can arrange one for you.

We can discuss with you where you want to go and what you want to see and we will guide you there. For more flexibility, we can plan destinations and routes on a daily basis so that you are not held to any fixed agenda – total freedom!

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