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Ride the Real Spain

..and make your tour an adventure of discovery with our Spanish speaking guides.


Single-centre Motorcycle Tours

Ride baggage-free through the secret Spain. Ride the deserted roads of your dreams to watch Golden Eagles and relax in historic villages. This tour can be twinned with another single centre in Extremadura.

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Roaming Motorcycle Tours

Ride through most of this exciting region. Stay overnight at different locations and absorb the whole flavour of western Spain. This tour could be added to a single centre option giving you the best of both worlds.


Winter Break Motorbike Tours

In March, April & November we are available to tour with those of you who would like to put together your own special tours.

Let us know what you have in mind and together we'll turn it into an adventure.

It was a new experience having a guide! In hindsight I should have done this when I first returned to biking.

Roger Aldridge

Hugh’s routes make the Picos look like a dawdle up the M1

André Knight

The experience, both on and off the road, surpassed our expectations. Hugh’s local knowledge was invaluable – it was amazing!

Pip & John

These are some of the roads you would expect to ride on a Sierra Alma Tour, although there are many more. Over the mountains, along the twisty river valleys and through small country lanes. This region of Spain offers such diverse countryside, views and wildlife. Enjoy the ride with us!

Bespoke, Flexible Motorcycle Tours in Spain

Innovation is an art driven by the changing desires of and suggestions from our customers

We believe in customer choice, flexibility and a relaxed attitude to touring.

We have exceptional local knowledge and we speak Spanish.