Salamanca: the motorcycle tourist’s dream!

IMG_0750Hugh discovers the motorcycle tourist’s dream!


Hugh Anderson has had a lifelong association with motorcycle touring. From gaining his first motorcycle licence he has toured abroad, exploring areas that few have venture to.

Now, Hugh has found the tour of his life in a beautiful and unspoiled area of Salamanca in Central Spain.

“As soon as I arrived, I knew I would be able to start the Motorcycle Touring business that I had dreamed of.  Touring became a way of life. This stunning area with large vistas and roads that motorcycle tourists dream of offers something for everyone who enjoys making the journey on two wheels,” Hugh reflects.

Hugh’s business, Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring now offers visits to seldom seen areas with vast backdrops, and to quiet villages where visitors are welcomed with open arms.

“We’ve ridden the bike to hundreds of tiny little places. We’ve travelled on small lanes and faster highways and we’ve met many people who all have something to offer the explorer. Over the years, we’ve gathered a wealth of information which we to love to share.

“In the past these would have been places I simply wouldn’t have had the time to find on a 2 week tour. Further, I don’t think I would have risked the very small roads, especially the unsigned ones for fear of misplacing my position! Or worse, running out of cafés!” adds Hugh.

The region is surprisingly accessible from the South West via Brittany Ferries and the business has organised preferential rates from Plymouth and Portsmouth where Santander is just an overnight journey by sea.

Tour types are varied, including a single-centre tour based in Salamanca. From the city, daily rides take you to various locations that cover a diverse range of interests.  For people who enjoy other activities like Golf, Walking and Wildlife, Bicycling, Kayaking etc., the opportunities are abundant. And, as you enjoy all that the region has to offer, you or your partner can involve yourself in the real Spain and learn some Spanish. Sierra Alma can accommodate that wish too as they also offer “on the go” language classes.

All tour guides speak both Spanish and English so you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture and colour of the region.

For more details call 01823 910029

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