Pete Smith touring Salamanca

 Pete Smith


I’m not going to muck about. Hugh’s my mate, but if his tours weren’t any good I wouldn’t bother writing would I?

These tours really are different. I haven’t done many to be honest but from what I can see I reckon they’re unique. Of course the reason there’s so much choice and flexibility is because he lives in Salamanca. He’s there all the time nearly, so there’s no need to plan things down to the last second. On top of that he’s got an area of about 3,500 square miles to tour in and he knows it very well.

If I’d travelled on my own I very much doubt I’d have had the time to uncover the gems he showed me in the time I was there. The roman ruins with a 1st century arch still standing, the oldest square bullring in Spain, the maze of ancient villages along the Portuguese border, the honey farm where they produce 100’s of products and still by the old methods. The views! The vistas are just jaw dropping, I can’t tell you how far you can see from the top of the mountains – 100’s of miles probably (if I’d had my glasses) – a kaleidoscope of colour.

On one trip we saw 3 Golden eagles together and only 20m above. If you deny yourself one of these tours you’ll kick yourself. So I’ll see you there next summer then.

Pete Smith. My full report in The Road (Jan), Honda, Suzuki Owners clubs mags 1st new issues 2016, Jampot (Jan) and also Nacelle TOMCC (Jan)