Have you noticed that when you go to the FAQ page of almost any website the questions offered, with answers, seldom give you the solution to your specific query?


Uncover the factsSo we have decided to offer our thoughts on OMA’s or OFTEN MADE ASSUMPTIONS, which are nearly always made after reading something and not fully understanding it or having preconceived ideas based on no particular evidence. We hope it helps to answer your frequently asked questions.

Note. If you’re a lone rider – read on. We’ve thought of that.


Assumption 1:   

Spain is a very hot country and for that reason I don’t want to ride my bike there in the summer.


SalamancaSpain is generally warmer than the UK throughout the year. Everywhere warms up during the summer months. The northern and Eastern areas of Spain (Galicia, Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees) suffer from the most rainfall. This occurs throughout the year (less in summer). Heat coupled with humidity creates a heat that is sticky and at times uncomfortable, similar to the far east, I’ve been told. The Salamanca region, by contrast, has very little rainfall and for that reason is not humid. The warmth is dry with cooling breezes. For example 30º on the south coast could feel like 35º whereas 30º here is what it is – hotter than the UK but enjoyable biking weather. The average temperatures for the total period that these tours are offered normally range from 24º to 30º. You could enhance your pleasure by investing in cooler gear; for example, Jacket, boots and gloves designed for warmer periods will set you back about 220 Euro (today’s exchange rate 1.42 to the pound) – you’d be unlikely to get a whole jacket for that in the UK! I commend you to the Outlet Moto website where prices are less and quality is equal. Average rainfall in Salamanca between May and Sept is 15 days – mostly occurring at night!


Assumption 2:    

On a Single Centre Tour we won’t see much of the country.


Breathtaking viewsSpain is a very large country being almost twice the land area of the UK with a population of about two thirds. If you believe you will see all of Spain in an average two week holiday, it will be a blur of speed, you’ll see little more than tarmac and you won’t speak to anyone. The area that we offer for guided touring in the Salamanca region is approx. 3500 square miles. As far as that has been possible to get to know in four years we have travelled nearly all of it. We know the best routes, the most interesting places to visit, and lots of people who know more than us, to introduce you to. Our advice is – little by little. Further, you have the opportunity to relax, travel without your kit and do exactly what you want whenever you like without being tied to an agenda and at the same time you’ll be seeing the secret Spain that very few others have. If you need to go further afield see our Tour Choices page, however included in the single centre tour are the journeys to from the port. These take you over both the Cantabrian mountains and the Picos de Europa.


Assumption 3:        

Spain’s foreign and we won’t like the food which means we’ll starve.


Excellent foodEuropean food comes from predominately the same origins. That is to say, meat will be beef, pork or lamb plus chicken and other fowl. There could be others and let’s face it there’s a dormouse farm (for the table) in Yorkshire. Vegetables are generally more prolific in the countries in which they’re grown, so it would be safe to say there aren’t a lot of cauliflowers, cabbages or sprouts here (hooray!) but lots of others. The Spanish normally prepare their food for the table without waving the flag. That means that when it arrives it won’t have a lot of spices cooked with it. They believe that you should add whatever you want when it’s in front of you and the choice of condiments is huge, but you have to ask for them. This is the only country I’ve been to where I’ve been asked if I would like my hot curry hot, mild or bland. There is an array of dishes to choose from (many more than in the UK) – exploring and sampling is where it’s at. Don’t be shy! You will never starve in Spain.


Assumption 4:  

We can’t speak Spanish, we don’t understand the road signs and we’re worried that we’ll get lost even with Satnav so we won’t enjoy our holiday.


When you tour with us you don’t have to speak the language because we do. However you have the opportunity to learn a few words while you’re here with my Spanish partner, Belén, who teaches Spanish professionally to foreigners. She offers short informal classes in a relaxing atmosphere without chalk or blackboards. Road signs, rules of the road etc will be explained and all you need to do is enjoy your riding. You really won’t need Satnav.


Assumption 5:  

Group rides are not for me. I prefer to tour solo but I don’t want to bumble around wasting my precious holiday time.


Touring soloI agree. This is a dilemma. Explorers need time and not many of us have that in sufficient quantity. Our group rides do not confine you to riding with everyone else. You can ride ahead or hang behind. In every daily tour we take a break about every hour and a half. Meeting points will be explained in detail and none are difficult. If this still doesn’t turn you on, you could simply just turn up in Salamanca and if we’re free we’ll guide for you only. The other option is to book a Bespoke Tour (see Tour Choices) for you alone. The latter would carry a price that’s a bit dearer and without discounts because whilst we’re not greedy, we have to live so several people make it more economical for all. The Read This page shows Other Services which includes journeys to all parts of mainland Spain. That might do it for you.


Assumption 6:    

As we make all the arrangements for travel and accommodation we’re not getting anything for our money.


The tours are arranged as DIY package deals so that you get the most choice that is possible, the best value for money and the chance to pay bit by bit. When book the ferry passage for you gaining you a large discount at the time you book. You are not paying anyone for this service but you are gaining discounts that you might not otherwise have had. When booking accommodation we recommend Booking dot com because even the hotels say that you will not get better value for money. This method also gives you amazing choice and you won’t be confined to the tour business selection. Since we know the area well we can advise on your requirements. We offer B&B exclusively to our tourers but we have limited space. Sierra Alma Touring charges for services of guiding, language and advice. We know our region very well and for this reason you will see many places that might take you some time to encounter on your own and without assistance.

This method also offers the opportunity to pay in instalments, pay a portion in Euro (gaining  the difference in the exchange rate) and soon we hope to be able to offer a service of saving for your tour in Euro. So we not only offer exceptionally good prices but a great deal of choice. The total booking process will take about 15 minutes on the internet and you’ll be getting what you want – not what we choose for you. After all it’s your tour!


Assumption 7:

We don’t like mosquitoes and in foreign countries there are millions.


It’s true to say that last year we had an invisible mosquito in our bedroom. We couldn’t find it and for a week it made that disconcerting dive bombing Stuka noise but didn’t actually attack. We think it died of old age. Most mosquitoes congregate in humid areas (see assumption 1) and for that reason we don’t normally suffer from them. I reckon there are more in Scotland but they call them midges there.

Assumption 8:  

We’ve never heard of Salamanca and therefore the tours can’t be any good.


Well… what can I say? For once I’m lost for words.

If there’s something specific you want the answer to just get in touch through any of the methods advertised or use the contact form on the Ask us page.