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Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring was visited by a freelance journalist


Chris-JournalistVery recently Sierra Alma Motorcycle Touring was visited by a freelance journalist who came to experience one of our single centre tours here in Salamanca. Chris was originally due to spend just 3 days with us but he enjoyed it so much he stayed for a week. You’ll be able to read his article, which has been accepted for publication in the September 2015 issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure along with our new advertisement.

Chris is a well travelled and interesting man who is curious about many subjects. To that end we showed him various different things that we have uncovered over our several years of research of the region. He is a keen photographer and so you should be able to see a quantity of his photos in the article. Over and above all this he adores his motorcycling and so we travelled lots of exciting routes in the area which, for the most part, are practically traffic free apart from weekends when the most popular roads are alive with bikers. The weather was glorious and warm, to boot. Everything normal there!

Amongst his many interests (aside from motorcycling) are wine, wildlife, architecture, curiosities and practicing his language skills with the locals. Chris told us he had taken a short, intensive course in Spanish at the beginning of his month long tour of Spain when he visited Valencia. During his stay here he had a Spanish class, over a glass of wine, with Belén. Both she and I were amazed at his grasp of the language over such a short time. So, you see, it can be done and it gives you so many advantages when travelling. See our – Leisure – page on the website.

During his evenings in the city Chris sometimes preferred to spend some time on his own visiting the sights taking photos and presumably taking the odd glass of wine with tapa. However he spent about half of his evenings with us and we introduced him to some of our friends who are always up for a good evening with an English touring biker. In our local bar the owners, Manolo and Emmi were very pleased to join in for photos and a chat. As Chris pointed out, the difference between a single centre tour in Salamanca and changing hotels each night is that it gives you the opportunity to settle in and get to know some new people. Furthermore staying in small country towns means that there’s normally not much to do in the evenings apart from read a book or sit at the bar. In Salamanca you can sit at 1500 bars and the shops are open until 9 or 10 in the evening!

In the mountains, on our daily travels, we introduced Chris to various people we know personally including the mayor of the small town of fossils. Ángel gave us a personal tour of his scientifically recognized town with all it’s curiosities including the hunting and history museum.

Chris-Journalist2We travelled far and wide together during his week-long stay along loads of exciting roads with fantastic views and scenery. Our average daily mileage was around 180 miles. We took several trunk roads through the passes and also visited the heights of the mountains via some much smaller roads that would be difficult to find, even by chance, without good knowledge of the region. Chris told us that he had very much enjoyed his stay with us and had been to some interesting, off the beaten track places that he probably would not have encountered on his own and without our knowledge.

It was a pleasure to have met you, Chris, and we look forward to you returning with some friends in the not too distant future.

Good health Chris, from all of us at and we wish you many future years of happy touring.