If you’re thinking that a single centre motorcycle tour based in Salamanca will mean you’ll be constantly battling the traffic as you might in the UK, you’d be wrong.


I’m a country boy at heart and I’ve lived in Salamanca for four years with my Spanish girlfriend, Belén. These are some of the reasons I love it and also some facts to chew on.

Salamanca has almost the same square area as Swindon but a population of two thirds. Traffic jams haven’t been invented yet although during a fiesta there can be a lot more people. From our home, in the centre, we can see the countryside in two directions. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the almost traffic deserted country roads and only a further 20 minutes to reach the mountains.

view-from-the-hills bend-in-road curve-in-road palaceSalamanca is a working city as well as having a university that dates from the 13th century. There is very little unemployment which helps to make the city so friendly, vibrant and prosperous. The mixture of students and workers of all ages means that the city has a large variety of entertainment to suit all tastes. Salamanca is alive with tapas bars, restaurants, concerts, theatre, fiestas etc. I defy you to be bored in Salamanca. The people are friendly and helpful – more than you’d believe possible – I was amazed during my first few months here, especially as in those days I spoke so little Spanish.

The old town, which is the city centre covers an area of approx. two square miles. You won’t get tired out sightseeing. It’s full of ancient and historic buildings including the two magnificent cathedrals. There is an assortment of museums of art, culture, transportation etc. There are peaceful parks with recreational areas both for simple exercise and also for sport.

The weather in the region is superb and we have seasons. From early Spring to late Autumn the coldest it gets is around 16º and the warmest would be about 30º but as there’s so little rain we don’t have that sticky, humid heat that you can experience in the wetter regions around the coasts and the Pyrenees.

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