landscapeWe are aware that this is not only a region of Spain that might be unfamiliar to you but from the enquiries we’ve had it looks like it’s also a completely new concept in motorcycle touring. We’ll try and make this as easy to understand as we can.

What we’re offering you is the opportunity to see the secret Spain with the use of our local knowledge, our contacts and business agreements and our Spanish speaking abilities to help you understand more of what we’ll show you. We are very familiar with an area covering approx. 3,500 square miles and we have friends and contacts throughout. Guiding you through this region will make your holiday time more enjoyable, relaxing and effective. See the testimonials.

We could say that we’re just guides but the fact is that we’re much more than that. We want you to enjoy your time here and get the most out of it. We don’t organise all your travel arrangements for you but we have agreements in place that will save you loads of dosh if you book with us. This is a DIY package deal. We only charge you for what we do and, more importantly, for what you want us to do. That is how you get such a lot of choice. You choose from 100’s of hotels, possibly using our first hand advice, where you want to stay or you can B&B with us. You choose the date you want to travel. When you’re here you choose where you want to go and what you want to do. We guide you. There are no rules and nothing is set in stone. It really is up to you. We don’t have to plan things to the last minute because we’re here all the time. It’s like visiting old friends on your bike.

Once we’re agreed that you want to come touring with us you pay a deposit. Then we release our URL for you to book your own ferry passage, gaining the discount we’ve set up for you, and with our help, you choose the accommodation that suits you best. This whole process will take less than 15 mins on the internet. You can pay a chunk of our charges in Euros and make the difference in the exchange rate as a saving. There are big savings for group, club & MAG members on top and the only bit you have to pay in Sterling is the ferry and any deposits to us. That’s why it’s ludicrously inexpensive!

Ferry and accommodation prices vary through the year, as does the exchange rate. That’s why prices cannot be fixed. Today, a May tour booked in Jan for 2 riders on 2 bikes would cost 840 pounds per person

If there’s anything that you’re not clear about send an email or call Hugh.  If you are clear about everything send an email or call Hugh – straight away…probably best!

Get in touch and we’ll see you next summer!