Sunshine Touring

This is something that has been mentioned several times when we’ve discussed dates that I thought I’d write a few words about. Some people have said things like:

 “Well, I’m not going to go in August am I? I’ll fry! I might be many things but I’m not a masochist!”

The idea that the whole of Spain is like an inferno in the summer is simply not true. It is true that the further south you go the hotter in can feel. The more southern parts of Extremadura and northern Andalucía can get very hot, but the Salamanca region is 4 hours north of that. The southern coastal regions get quite a lot of warm winds blowing up from Africa but it’s also very humid because, obviously, they’re next to the sea. On the northern coast and the whole length of the Pyrenees there is more rain throughout the year than other areas. Water and sun combined make for a sticky heat that can be uncomfortable. You may well have noticed that, in the UK, last year during the periods when temperatures rose well above normal. In the Salamanca region it is commonly accepted that there is an average of 15 days when it rains from May to October.

Sunshine tour 1Sunshine tour 2These 2 pictures are of well known phenomena but neither is attributable to the weather in Salamanca in the summer; nor is the countryside.

For this reason it’s not useful to talk about numbers because the measured quantity of heat can feel very different depending on the humidity. For example I have family living just outside Rome. When we have the same temperatures we’re enjoying the summer and they’re taking 10 showers a day! From a purely personal point of view my favourite months for riding the bike are June, July, August and September. Each month has different weather but you can bet your bottom dollar that practically every day it’ll be dry and sunny. Believe me, it rains everywhere at some point, even in the desert. It can’t be avoided.

Sunshine tour 4 Sunshine tour 3These pictures were taken in early November and January in Extremadura and Castilla y León. I might point out that the last 3 weeks of November were almost as warm as early May.

It is also true that whatever pursuit you’re involved in, you’ll enjoy it more if you have the appropriate kit. For instance you probably wouldn’t go on a skiing holiday with just a pair of swimming trunks…would you? Similarly you wouldn’t go trekking in the Sahara wearing a greatcoat and a pair of Wellies…would you? That might be over simplifying it, I grant you, but whilst it’s not an inferno here it is a lot warmer than you are normally used to in the UK. Some time ago I invested in a summer motorbike jacket, summer gloves and summer boots. You can buy jackets with interchangeable armour. The advantage of that is that it’s cheaper to buy and either jacket will store more easily. Warm weather gear is made like a professional teabag or string vest. Total cost was about the equivalent of 120 pounds! – I paid in Euros in Spain.

If you’re interested I recommend Outlet Moto – Tel.0034985879686 I can’t remember his name but he speaks English. Furthermore if you manage to get all the discounts we’re offering you could get all that kit and still have saved enough to fill a 20 litre fuel tank 5 times!

Sunshine tour 6 Sunshine tour 5This is the weather we like and this is how it is – May to October – a brilliant touring time all the way through.

If you enjoy touring in places where it doesn’t rain, the kit is an invaluable investment even if you only use it once, twice or three times a year because every trip will be more fun than the last. Please don’t believe that you’re going to die of heat touring in Salamanca in the summer just because someone who did a trip to the “costas” or other humid regions told you so. It simply isn’t true.

Summer is the best season of anybody’s year. Make the most of it! Tour with Sierra Alma Touring whenever you please. Get in touch.