Why do a motorcycle tour from a single centre?

We’re not going to argue the point but a tour is an extended journey (dictionary definition). If you go to the post office everyday and one day decide to go to another town, that’s a tour. A multi-stop, long distance European motorcycle journey is one type and daily journeys from a single point is another type of tour.

Single-centre-blog-2 Single-centre-blog-1On a multi-stop journey you will generally be held to an itinerary that’s difficult to change and often not have the opportunity to take in what you’re passing through. There are always agendas and new hotels to reach each day. If you want to  better explore a place you like the look of, the travel itinerary generally prevents you from doing that. Single Centre Tours have all the attractions of multi-stop journeys but with total freedom and choice of daily destinations. Added to this you won’t be restricted by agendas or having to do a daily pack and carry your kit everywhere you go.



Single-centre-blog-3Single-centre-blog-4For those of you that travel with pillions you might be aware that your passenger may want to spend some time doing other things. It’s not always the case, we know, but mine does for sure! Single centre touring allows for everyone’s time, space and enjoyment. We have 64 million people living in half the space that 47 million Spanish people live in. The majority of Spaniards live in large towns or small cities. For that reason there are loads of things to do and see in the cities, whereas staying overnight in the country can be restricting. Single centre tours allow you not only to ride without all your baggage but also to indulge the desires of anyone travelling with you to take a day out from sitting on the back and do something else without you missing out on a grrrr8 day’s ride.

The Spanish transport infrastructure is very good and very popular. As a rule the people don’t travel very far by car except occasionally to visit friends and family in the close country or to go on holiday to the Atlantic coast in the summer. This accounts for there being zero traffic at any time. Until the mid 20th century (cerca 1960) part of our region, in the mountains to the south west, was completely cut off from the rest of Spain without even hard roads. Whilst the roads have since been made and communications improved this region is almost unchanged. It contains a wealth of interest and some of the most exciting motorcycling routes in Spain. The views to and from the mountains, the wildlife and the access to artisan production of foods and other things are jaw dropping. History abounds – castles, monasteries, museums…

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Our Single Centre Salamanca tour offers you complete freedom of choice to explore an unspoiled region of Spain (1000’s of square miles) with our Spanish and English speaking guides. With us you will experience some of the finest and most exciting motorcycling roads in Spain from the long view rolling plains to the quick twisting valley and mountain passes of the high sierra. We cover between 160 and 200 miles a day through some very diverse countryside. Every day you’ll see and enjoy something different and new. The daily distances and ride times are easier to handle than a long distance tour and there’s no need for agendas. It’s all very laid back and relaxed – see the testimonials.

For those that still require a little comfort zone, the single centre tour includes journeys over the Cantabrian mountains and also the Picos de Europa. For those that don’t, the sun is shining, the temperatures warm and the rides brimming with the excitement of the new. If all you do is read about it you’ll never know what you missed…

Single-centre-blog-5You could virtually ride it on the video pages…but, you know, it’s just not the same as the real thing!