Steve and Ally Mabbott – Cracking biking roads

Steve and Ally Mabbott – Cracking biking roads!

Thumbs up for Hugh and Sierra Alma Touring
Thumbs up for Hugh and Sierra Alma Touring

Cracking biking roads. We enjoyed the flexibility of the day to day trips that you would suggest. Your knowledge of the country, history and language made our holiday all that more special. Where else could you stay in a city centre five star hotel for 59 euro per night? One suggestion we have is to make the longer stays into a two centre holiday as ten days in the heart of Salamanca can be a little overpowering for country people like us.

Cheers Steve.

Ps. The tractor is a Heritage softail classic 2008

Steve, We have taken your suggestions on board and are now offering an alternative for those of you wishing to spend more time touring with us. For the coming year, the Big Tour is now available giving you time to explore the lands of Extremadura and Castilla La Mancha with us, to the south of Salamanca. 4 days in Salamanca, 4 days roaming and another 3 days in the city region before the return. Over and above this we offer bespoke tours of any duration and to your own itinerary. See the Big Tour on the main website.

Hugh – Sierra Alma Touring