Bill Jelf & Mike Foreman – Can’t beat it!

Bill Jelf & Mike Foreman



















Since the introduction of SatNav the enormous asset of local knowledge is being forgotten. We have toured in Europe many times and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, even Google won’t find it for you.

Hugh at Sierra Alma Touring made our trip so enjoyable. We were offered a choice of daily destinations. He told us the types of roads and terrain we would encounter. He offered different things for us see and do and guided us along amazing motorcycling roads. There were plenty of opportunities to take a break or dawdle along. Whilst we didn’t want an organised long distance tour we didn’t want to ride alone without knowing what to look for. Hugh’s tours bring a new dimension to foreign touring.

His knowledge of the Spanish language was also very helpful. For once we knew what we were going to eat! He introduced us to his local bar owner and friend, Manolo, who cooked a superb English breakfast for us each day. We stayed B&B with Hugh and his Spanish partner, Belén. It was very comfortable and entertaining with splendid views over the old city. Salamanca is not a place to be missed and it’s small enough to ride out each day within 5 or 10 minutes.

If you’re looking for peace of mind, relaxation and wonderful biking territory give Hugh a call at Sierra Alma Touring. Above all you can choose your own travel dates. Can’t beat it!