What do you expect from your motorcycle guide on a foreign tour?

Here in the Salamanca region I know the territory as well as my own back yard. This is also true of the routes to and from both of the major ports in northern Spain. I have an excellent working knowledge of routes throughout mainland Spain. I don’t need, nor use, SatNav. I speak both English (I am English) and Spanish. My partner is Spanish. I never use the motorway system unless it’s expedient to do so. If you’re new to Spain or to foreign touring in general these few things should give you immediate confidence in your guide.

At Sierra Alma Touring my job is not solely to ride in front and lead you from A to B. I make you aware of Spanish road law which differs in some ways from the UK. I ride at a speed that you’re happy with. I take you along routes that are not only beautiful but where I can show you the things that might interest you.

I take you to the bars and restaurants where we get the best food and the best value. These are generally places I know well, where the locals eat and where I may know the owner personally. I can introduce you to friends and colleagues who are always eager to meet visitors. I help you with any language problems you may have, from the simplest of understanding a menu to dealing with any problems you might encounter. I can explain the history of this beautiful land and show you the best views and places to see the wildlife. I’m available to assist – without crowding you – every waking hour.

All this and the countless variations of tours that we offer throughout mainland Spain add up to a completely different approach to foreign touring. It’s well liked by all our previous customers (some are returning this year) and we know you’ll love our tours too.

Tour with us and …Relax!

Hugh Anderson – owner, Sierra Alma Touring

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