Mike Exeter – really good guide!

Mike Exeter

Mike Exeter with Belen


Two others were finishing their tour when I arrived in Salamanca and we had 2 days riding together. We did the river boat trip and visited the bike museum which was great. I’m not a  lover of visiting old churches and museums but I like to make sure they’re there and most of all to ride the roads to see the mountains and wildlife.

A motorbike tour is about riding but you don’t have to go very far each day to get the most out of it. With Hugh and Sierra Alma Touring we averaged 160 miles a day and the best is that the daily schedule could be varied at any time. During my tour we did an overnighter to Guadalupe and Caceres and we rode over a Roman bridge that was built in 104AD.

I’ve done a few European tours and I’ve ridden in Spain on a lot. I like it and it’s good value. Hugh’s tours allow you to ride at your own pace to places you want. It’s a bit like doing your own tour to somewhere new and yet, knowing how to get there. He knows loads of good biking routes and I wanted to know how he can remember them all without a SatNav. He said he’s got a good memory. These tours really are different, relaxing and sociable.

Because I like Spain, I’d been doing Spanish classes at home. I could’ve stayed in a hotel but I chose to B&B with Hugh. I took classes with his Spanish girlfriend Belén who’s a university teacher. I got the best student award! Most of my evenings I spent with Hugh and Belén and they showed me more of Salamanca.  My Spanish has improved a lot and I’m looking forward to returning.

If you want a free range tour in Spain with a really good guide, visit Hugh at sierraalma.com.

Mike Exeter