The Bus, the Taxi & the Lone Ranger

Lone ranger


Thinking outside the box…

There really are only 3 ways to go motorcycle touring. You can tour alone or with some mates or tour with a company. In any event someone has to ride in front. Some riders love them, others don’t and some don’t know because they’ve never tried it. The basic formula for riding with a company is perceived to be the same for all but that’s not the case. To understand this you have to be able to think outside the box

The best analogy of the differences between Sierra Alma Touring, many other tour companies and touring independently is the difference between a bus, a taxi and the Lone Ranger.

Roger Aldridge

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger is the way a lot of riders like to tour because it epitomises the freedom that motorcycles represent. This rider usually tours alone or with a pillion. He is a capable, experienced and intelligent rider who prefers not to follow the herd. He likes to do his own research, go to his own chosen destinations, his own way and in his own time. He’s often a born traveler or journeyman and he seldom needs assistance or company.

Conversely he also enjoys passing time with friends and easily makes new ones on his travels. He is aware that each new journey that he chooses will be a well researched guess. He hopes that his route and his destinations are what he originally intended to see and do. Even if they’re not, there will usually be something else he comes across by chance to compensate for research errors.


The Bus

The bus takes a set route from A to B and stops at different points along the way. The routes and times are fixed so if you want to go to C instead of B and at a different time you take a different bus on a different route. If you want to get off at a place where the bus doesn’t usually stop, it’s difficult.

This is almost precisely the format for a standard foreign motorcycle tour. The tour company fixes a route with places to rest, places to visit and places to stay the night. The journey duration of that route or tour will have been pre-set. The tour company then sells that route & holiday to its customers. The customers either want to do that route or they choose another company or bus, to use the same analogy.



The Taxi

The taxi is quite a different kettle of fish. Ignoring the rules in different cities for a moment, you can hail a taxi anywhere in the street or pick one up at the rank or order one. The taxi will take you wherever you want to go and at whatever time, provided it’s available.

It could take you to a specific destination, it could take you on a journey or it could take you on a sight-seeing tour. It might stop to pick up other passengers if you require it, it could drop you off en route and wait for you or it could curtail the original journey at short notice. Every part of the trip is at the passenger’s request. It’s your choice!

The title “Tour Company” conjures up thoughts of “Organised Tour” and for Sierra Alma that couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on…

The Finances

For the purposes of this analogy most motorcycle tour companies are buses but Sierra Alma Touring is the taxi! That would suggest that Sierra Alma tours are bespoke, which they are and because of that they’re more expensive. They are not!

Through extensive research we’ve discovered that despite the choice and flexibility that we offer, our prices are considerably less than a standard foreign tour. An added advantage to our customers is that we speak English and Spanish making your normal and natural requirements easier to obtain. Don’t forget that you’ll eat the best food in Spain and at the best value restaurants where the locals eat while on tour with Sierra Alma!



Thinking Outside the Box…


What does Sierra Alma Touring do? We guide touring motorcyclists informally through an area of Spain that we know intimately. It’s 15% of the whole of Spain (a third of UK area). We know many different ways to get to any given destination and therefore have no need to pre-set any routes. We know what’s where and we know what might be of interest to you at each place. We speak Spanish. We also know most through routes (off motorway) to most cities in Spain. We don’t have to guess because we know!

How is it different and how can you cater for everyone?  In the same way as the bus, above, we set dates and tour durations but only because they fit in with the ferry timetables. Those dates are flexible; so if you are unable to meet the published dates, they can be altered. This year, 2018, we have already altered both May tour dates to accommodate customers preferences.


Tour Options

Some riders prefer to ride to a destination and do daily ride outs from there. Some prefer to do continuous touring, stopping at different places each night. Some prefer a mixture of the two. Some prefer to do a long distance tour – for instance from the northern ports to the Mediterranean coast and back. Some only want a one way tour. Some want to tour with us for just a day or two. Some want to tour for three or four weeks. We can arrange for any of these requests and for the dates that you want to tour.

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Many riders who usually tour alone have built Sierra Alma into their own tours. Some of those keep coming back and soon we’ll be good friends! Some prefer to tour alone with Sierra Alma. Some prefer to restrict the numbers of bikes on their tour. Some want to tour in larger groups. Some are happy to join an existing tour to meet other riders. All options can be arranged. You simply have to tell us.

Everything we offer is all about you – the customer!


Is there anything Sierra Alma Touring doesn’t do?

Yes! We do not sell or share by telephone, email or social media, any of our routes within Spain. The reason? We make our living by using our knowledge through physically guiding motorcyclists. We’ve spent years researching and touring Spain. Our knowledge is our livelihood! Our tours and guide routes are confined to the Spanish mainland and therefore the journeys do not include Portugal or France despite their proximity.

Use the contact form and send us a message to tell us what you want from your Spanish tour this year. We’ve got some grrrrr8 offers and discounts, some of which are exclusive to TOMCC members. Or call 07831781561