October tour 2018  On a Triumph Bonneville

Pre journey ‘phone call…

Excellent advice re hotels including where not to book! Advice on basic Spanish road law. Give the man honest answers to his questions about what you want to do, see, speed, time in the saddle etc. Once he knew, he was able to give me a great route off motorway from Santander port to Salamanca. I said I get arse ache after 90 mins and he says “relax, we’ll stop whenever you want and always after an hour and a bit”.


I did a 3 day tour. It’s a bit like “Blind date” except you’re paying! Well, fellow readers, just relax. This bean pole who looks as tough as old leather is a genial raconteur who’s there to facilitate your almost every wish. Hugh will have a rough idea from your pre booking ‘phone call of what you want re riding, mileage and relaxing. If you want to change anything – tell the man! He might seem omnipotent but he’s not a mind reader! Forget the keep up with Hugh syndrome. Initially you’re thinking “buddy riding” but he’s at pains to tell you to go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery and the ride. If you fall behind he’s always waiting at the next change of direction. This part of Spain is fascinating and Hugh is very well informed. I’m into all things of interest and you are privileged to see so much more on a bike.

There was a good combination of razzing it on the big wide highways and then slowing up for the country roads or stopping for a coffee and a snack. Never any fear of losing “Tonto” and loads of time to take it all in.


My highlights..

Sorry Hugh but I’ve forgotton the name of the town with the only square bull ring in Spain (Miranda – Hugh). It was gob-smacking! Probably THE highlight. It’s hardly changed in 800 years and still lived in. It’s so big compared to other “preserved” villages I’ve seen. On the mountain trips that we did I learned more about my bike than I had in the 2 years I’ve owned it. In my neck of the woods – Cambridge – there’s very little opportunity to ride the sometimes demanding roads quite like those. I loved it!

Finally…No language problems with Hugh’s assistance, no food problems – excellent Spanish fare and great value – no problems at all, in fact. Hugh, the security blanket, will adjust just how slack or tight you wish the blanket to be.


I had a bloody marvellous time! Many, many thanks to you Hugh

Ian Brace.