The Bus, the Taxi & the Lone Ranger

  Thinking outside the box… There really are only 3 ways to go motorcycle touring. You can tour alone or with some mates or tour with a company. In any event someone has to ride in front. Some riders love them, others don’t and some don’t know because they’ve never tried it. The basic formula … Read More

Packing some sense! How to pack for a motorcycle holiday

Recently there have been several people seeking advice on Facebook re packing for a bike trip. This advice comes from somebody who has spent most of his working life and leisure time travelling by road. More than 400,000 miles by motorbike and countless nights out. Let’s take an average example. You’re going for a maximum … Read More

Autumn Tour 2017

My first trip to Spain (Los Picos de Europa) was in the autumn of 2016. I had immediately been overwhelmed by northern Spain so much so that I did a three week tour of the North West going on into Portugal in the early summer of this year. However during this trip, due mainly to … Read More

Pip and John on roads that Brits can only dream of

Hugh I just wanted to thank you so much for our recent trip.  The experience, both on and off the road, surpassed our expectations. The daily routes, without exception, were superb (roads that Brits can only dream of!) Your local knowledge was invaluable – it gave so much more to the package – it was amazing! Salamanca, its’ … Read More

Steve Pullen – a fantastic experience

Steve Pullen Hi Hugh, Well my adventure is over and I am safe and sound, back home after a horrendous journey on the motorways yesterday. I arrived back at 7pm, cold and damp, but otherwise OK. So, my thoughts about the tour ….. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. It was a great way for a … Read More

Danny & Anne Perry with the utterly engaging Hugh Anderson.

Danny & Anne Perry We have just returned from a few days riding in and around Salamanca with the utterly engaging Hugh Anderson. My wife and I hooked up with the tour for the four days they were based in Salamanca, we met up with the two other guys that were doing the big tour. It became … Read More

Mike Exeter – really good guide!

Mike Exeter Two others were finishing their tour when I arrived in Salamanca and we had 2 days riding together. We did the river boat trip and visited the bike museum which was great. I’m not a  lover of visiting old churches and museums but I like to make sure they’re there and most of … Read More

What do you expect from your motorcycle guide on a foreign tour?

Here in the Salamanca region I know the territory as well as my own back yard. This is also true of the routes to and from both of the major ports in northern Spain. I have an excellent working knowledge of routes throughout mainland Spain. I don’t need, nor use, SatNav. I speak both English … Read More

Bill Jelf & Mike Foreman – Can’t beat it!

Bill Jelf & Mike Foreman                               Since the introduction of SatNav the enormous asset of local knowledge is being forgotten. We have toured in Europe many times and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, even Google won’t find it … Read More

Steve and Ally Mabbott – Cracking biking roads

Steve and Ally Mabbott – Cracking biking roads! Cracking biking roads. We enjoyed the flexibility of the day to day trips that you would suggest. Your knowledge of the country, history and language made our holiday all that more special. Where else could you stay in a city centre five star hotel for 59 euro per … Read More