Star Letter in The Road

My winning letter – a pair of Continental Tyres are heading my way! Hats coats and protocols Since recently becoming a corporate member of MAG I received my first copy of The Road. I am hugely impressed. It’s a really good bikers magazine and in parts very amusing. In response to the letter from Phil Thomas … Read More

Salamanca: the motorcycle tourist’s dream!

Hugh discovers the motorcycle tourist’s dream!   Hugh Anderson has had a lifelong association with motorcycle touring. From gaining his first motorcycle licence he has toured abroad, exploring areas that few have venture to. Now, Hugh has found the tour of his life in a beautiful and unspoiled area of Salamanca in Central Spain. “As … Read More

A day’s ride on a motorbike in Salamanca

Amazing what you can find out on a day’s ride on a motorbike in Salamanca. Riding a motorcycle in dry, warm weather is enormous fun. Conversely riding a bike in cold, wet, icy conditions is at best interesting. I did think that winter was approaching and as Salamanca is very close to a ski resort … Read More

I don’t want to go!

“I don’t want to go!” Plymouth to Santander It was 29th April and the wind was howling. It was blowing the rain in horizontally at 40mph. The sky was dark with storm clouds and visibility was about 150 yds. My recently purchased R1200RT was rocking on its centre stand. I had bought it especially for … Read More

The Sun, the Open Road and a Motorbike

My first motorbike I bought my first motorbike for 12 quid. It was big, heavy and powerful. It was in the days when BSA, Triumph, Ariel, AJS and Norton were the bikes to own and Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki hadn’t been invented. I was too young to ride on the road but by the time … Read More