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Sierra Alma Touring is a British registered motorcycle guide & tour business. We run guided escorted tours. The tours are predominantly operated from Salamanca in Central Western Spain. Salamanca is situated approx. 3hrs west of madrid & 4hrs south of Santander. The tours cover Salamanca province, Extremadura (to the south) & Castilla La Mancha (to the east). The land area of those regions combined is marginally greater than Scotland providing more than enough routes for a 1 or 2 week tour. For tours of a longer duration we can tour through all of Castilla y León, Aragón, Rioja and part of Navarra as well.


Tour Options Summary

We offer 5, 7 & 9 day tours. There is at least one of each per month from May to October inclusive. Customers may tour with us for lesser or greater periods - see Tour Options. No one tour is precisely the same as another - see Tour Itineraries. and for this we are unable to offer package deals. We are also open for touring in March, April & November for which we do not suggest specific dates but can be of any duration up to 21 days.

How many bikes to a group?

When bookings are made individually we try to restrict the number of bikes to a maximum of 5 per tour. Historically 3 or 4 are the usual numbers in a group. Prearranged groups of more than 5 bikes ( where the majority of riders know each other) are welcomed by prior consultation and prices will depend on tour duration & numbers of people. You may also restrict the numbers of bikes on your tour when you book.

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Sierra alma Autumn tour 2017

Spend more time touring Spain & less time travelling to it

We have two excellent business partners who will help with this:

Rob Jones who runs based in south east England who will haul your own bike to anywhere in Spain. And based in Madrid who have a fleet of up to 250 bikes for hire.



Rob Jones of Fly & Ride at Salamanca high security Transport centre after another successful bike haul.

2019 Prices

All prices are individual and dependent on the tour duration and other options you choose. We charge for our services by the day - see the table below. The prices listed do not include ferry or accommodation for which we offer discounts* - see below.

No. of bikes on any 1 tour                     Price per bike per day

1                                                                          £150*

2                                                                           £90

3                                                                           £80

4                                                                           £70

5                                                                           £65


As the number of bikes increases through individual bookings, so the price per bike per day will decrease as the table shows.

All pillions are charged at £20 per day over and above the prices listed. However any whole days that pillions choose not to ride will be refunded.

*Solo riders travelling alone will be discounted 30% for Salamanca single centre tours.

After a booking has been agreed a deposit of £100 per rider is required by bank transfer. The balance will be required 60 days before departure from the UK. There is an option to pay the balance in cash Euros on arrival in Spain gaining you another small discount - Please ask for the conditions of this method of payment.


Estimated tour price examples

Prices are per rider, and assume pillions are not making a contribution.

June 2019

  • 5 days  Salamanca Single Centre Tour
  • Ferry
  • Sharing Accommodation
  • 2 solo riders
  • Choosing to ride to Salamanca without guide


August 2019

  • 9 days  Roaming Tour Incl. Salamanca
  • Ferry
  • Sharing Accommodation
  • 4 riders, 4 pillions
  • Choosing to be met & returned to port with guide



Accommodation & Ferry

DIY or Sierra Alma Booking service - Your choice!

The Best Value Option


Alameda palace
Soho Sala
Hotel monterrey

Customers may make their own reservations with our advice and recommendations (if needed) using the links in Ferry & Accommodation Discounts which you'll find below. If you tell us your budget and requirements we will advise accordingly. We do not charge for this service. We have toured widely and frequently in this region and have experience of many hotels. The average price per hotel room per night that was achieved this year was 60 Euros.

For any periods spent in Salamanca, lodgings may be available with an English speaking household. Please ask.

For those wishing to split their time between the hubbub and vibrancy of Salamanca city and the peace & tranquility of the mountains, we have an arrangement with a family run hotel just 40 minutes to the south. A discount of 10% can be gained for bookings of dinner, bed & breakfast on production of your Sierra Alma Touring booking No. Please ask.




Once again, using the link provided below (Ferry & Accommodation Discounts), customers may book direct with Brittany Ferries and gain a discount at the time of booking.

Ferry & Accommodation Discounts.

* Discounted Ferry Tickets & Hotel Reservations without any obligation to Sierra Alma Touring - click here

Sierra Alma Booking Service

This service is an alternative to the above. Sierra Alma will make all reservations on your behalf. We DO CHARGE for this service at the rate of £20 per each way ferry booking and £10 per hotel room reservation. Any changes to reservations made will be charged at £5 each. To operate this service we will require an amount of personal information from you.

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