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A whole new approach to foreign motorcycle touring in Spain

There are many alternative routes to arrive at any given destination. The one you opt for depends on your mood.

On all the tours that Sierra Alma offer there are various daily itineraries. On single centre tours there are lots of “round Robins” of different types of route.

On roaming tours there’s always more than one way to get there. The choice is always up to our customers. If you’re not choosy, Sierra Alma will set the day.

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Flexible Routes

You may not know precisely where you want to go but you may feel you want to ride specific types of routes. You may want to see something in particular like a motorcycle museum, castle or an historic town.

You may want to ride to the heights to see the views or go somewhere remote to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. You may want to go somewhere to swim or you may want to eat in a special country restaurant. After a day in the mountains you may feel a little “bend weary” and want to spend some time in the lowlands and valleys, just taking a gentle ride.

Sierra alma Autumn tour 2017

Stress-free Touring

Touring with us is easy, fun and relaxing. Our customers set the pace, distance and time in the saddle.

Any daily plan can be changed at short notice. These tours are the closest you’ll get to touring on your own without the necessity to do a lot of route planning.

There’s always plenty going on in the towns where we stay each evening to keep you amused. Especially Salamanca!

Sierra alma Autumn tour 2017