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Salamanca and Us


Small, Beautiful, Exciting, Historic, Friendly, Awe inspiring.

It’s all of those as well as being close to some of the most glorious countryside and majestic mountains in Spain. It’s a great place to be on long summer evenings. There’s a load to see and plenty to do. You’ll love it!

It’s located about three and a half hours riding distance south of Santander or two and a half hours west and north of Madrid.


Who are we

That’s Hugh, the main man, who does all the hard work swanning about on his motorbike all day; leading his customers along fantastic motorcycling roads to the beautiful places they choose to see. He’s British and he speaks good Spanish. Off season he does all the continuing exploration, mapping and route planning to extend the region that Sierra Alma tours through. This is the real Spain and is becoming increasingly popular amongst British bikers.

That’s Belén who does all the rewarding and fulfilling work of accounts and booking administration. She does the advertising and helps with design. She’s Spanish and speaks good English. On top of that she works full time teaching Spanish to foreigners at the oldest University in Europe: Salamanca. As an aside, she offers private Spanish classes exclusively to Sierra Alma Touring customers.

Why choose Sierra Alma

Motorcycle touring businesses have been around for some years now. Predominantly the differences between them are the destinations on offer. There’s nothing new about Spain but there is a great deal of difference in the manner that Sierra Alma offers its tours. Choice and flexibility are the mainstays of the business. This is the closest thing you’ll find to touring independently without the hassle of planning what you want to see or wandering about with only the internet to rely on. A great advantage of Sierra Alma is that we speak the lingo. The general consensus of our customers is that our tours surpass their expectations. So, if you’re stuck in a rut thinking all motorcycle tour businesses are the same, take a closer look and think again.

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