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Tour Options

Touring options.

All the tours from May to October can be one single centre, two single centres, a roaming tour or a mixture of all, depending on the duration of the tour.

This can only be arranged on a first come, first served basis. That is to say that the first person to book a tour could choose how they wish to tour. He or she will then have set the theme for that tour.

The primary single centre is Salamanca – see Salamanca & us. The other will be slightly further south in Extremadura. Usually that would be Plasencia or Cáceres as they are well placed for many varied day trips. A roaming tour will involve changing locations each day and will cover the whole region that we specialise in. We can also do some time roaming and the rest as a single centre. The first and last day of each tour will always be the journeys from the port to Salamanca and the return.

Standard Tour Options

Primarily, Sierra Alma offers one 7 day tour and one 9 day tour each month from May to October inclusive every year.

The 7 or 9 days are the days spent riding in Spain. We do not class the time you spend on the ferry as touring days. This means that if you come by sea, you will actually be away from the UK for 9 and 11* days respectively.

The dates listed below have been chosen to coincide with Brittany Ferries timetable. The crossings are from Portsmouth to Santander return.


The Grand Tour.

For those of you that have plenty of stamina and time on your hands for Spanish touring we can combine the 7 and 9 day tours into one.

This would give you 16 days of continuous touring in Spain. The touring area can be expanded to encompass greater diversity. The tours would be prearranged well in advance and price will depend on numbers of people and bikes.


Fly, Hire & Ride

There is a Fly and hire option. Fly to Madrid and collect your chosen bike just 10 minutes from the airport from our business partner, España en moto. Please get in contact with us for more details.

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2018 Tour Dates

7 Day Tour 9 Day Tour
May 4th - 12th 18th - 28th
June 1st - 9th 15th - 25th
July 6th - 14th 20th - 30th
Aug 3rd - 11th 17th - 27th
Sept 7th - 15th 21st - 1st Oct
Oct 5th - 13th 19th - 29th

Other months in the year.

In November, part of December and in March we are also open for touring. Those months are set aside for bespoke tours. What we do and where we go is entirely open to negotiation. Just tell us your plan or we could suggest one for you. At Christmas and in January and February we are closed.

*The start and end dates of the tour represent the dates that the ferry leaves the port both in the UK and in Spain. All of our tours are on Tarmac. They are confined to the area on the map unless otherwise agreed apart from journeys from and to the ports.

We also offer 5 day tours which can be included in either of the 7 or 9 day tours should you wish to tour for less time. If you would like to tour for just a day or two, that can also be achieved within tours that are already in progress.